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Netball, The Power Of Sport

All Africa. Netball, basketball’s cousin, a popular women's sport in Africa, could make a real difference to participating communities. Five African countries are in the world Top 20. Get motivated by a heartwarming video from Kenyan women. more

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The African Stars Of The Winter Olympics

Togo, Zimbabwe. Grand Opening today! Zimbabwe and Togo make their Olympic Winter Games debuts in Russian Sochi with Luke Steyn in the slaloms and Mathilde-Amivi Petitjean in the 10km classics. Morocco already starting for the fifth time. In an interview with BBC World Philip Boit, Kenya's first international skier, and Gold Medal Winner Norwegian Bjoern Daehlie, recall their unexpected friendship that started at the Nagano Winter Olympics 1998. more

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Fusing Craft And Design For Progressive Ideas

South Africa. Dutchmann is a creative agency in Johannesburg who aims to connect master craftsmen with contemporary designers and artists initiating collaborations that fuse craft-based practices with progressive ideas. One of their fine projects is Delft, a collection of ten artworks and one famous surfboard, the Pipeline Gun from 1975, shaped by Southafrican Spider Murphy, a master craftsman from Durban. more

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The Ultimate Football Platform

All Africa. If you want to know what matters in African Football, there is one website that has it all. Previews, live reports, analysis, statistics, players profiles, latest fixtures and results, news and fans. But does not only cover the African Leagues, but also the European Leagues and all important Global tournaments. more