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Moroso Design: Made In Senegal For The Rest Of The World

Italy, Senegal. Patrizia Moroso, Creative Director of the family firm Moroso in Udine/Italy, was one of the first European visionaires, who promoted African art, form, design and craftsmanship. Together with her husband, Senegalese artist and designer Abdou Salam Gaye, they started the M'Afrique collection, which is now successful in its fifth year. Some of the world's most talented designers are creating beautiful pieces of furniture, inspired by Africa - and entirely produced by local craftsmen in Senegal. more

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Building Africa’s Hermès

Nigeria/Spain. She has two Computer Science degrees. After stints at Goldman Sachs and a few other international corporations, Kunmi Otitoju, a 30-year-old Nigerian fashion designer and entrepreneur, in 2011, established Minku, a fast-growing high-end Afro-centric brand that produces luxury bags, and other fashion accessories for men and women. Please read an extensive interview with the young NIgerian, Forbes identified her as one of the 30 most promising young African women entrepreneurs. more

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Reviving A Dyeing Technique

Mali. The simplest way to make indigo yarn and fabrics is to soak fibers in chemical dye. But Aboubakar Fofana, 46, a Malian-born artist and designer, recoils at the thought of a technique that is so undemanding. His works are now exhibited in New York. more

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By Solveig Rathenow

The Power Of Art

Uganda. Nduhira Sadat is a young artist and entrepreneur in Kampala, Uganda. He makes a living in designing colorful T-shirts, shoes and trousers. And shares his inspiration with children who live under the same difficult circumstances he and his seven brothers and sisters were raised. more

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Fusing Craft And Design For Progressive Ideas

South Africa. Dutchmann is a creative agency in Johannesburg who aims to connect master craftsmen with contemporary designers and artists initiating collaborations that fuse craft-based practices with progressive ideas. One of their fine projects is Delft, a collection of ten artworks and one famous surfboard, the Pipeline Gun from 1975, shaped by Southafrican Spider Murphy, a master craftsman from Durban. more

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Cape Town – World Design Capital 2014

South Africa. Count down in Capetown. The launch of the World Design Capital 2014 takes place on 31 December with the New Year’s Eve of Design signature event, followed by 450 events throughout the year. Many of them with the participation of the city's people. more

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The MOAD Just Opened Its Doors

South Africa. The Museum of African Design - MOAD - just opened in a rennovated Johannesburg warehouse showcasing work by the continent's finest contemporary design artists. Aaron Kohn, its 22 year-old director is a truly astonishing guy. more

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Celebrating African Digital Art

South Africa. Jepchumba is an addict of Digital Art, a passionate cultural ambassador and explorer. She has initiated a tremendously well curated platform promoting African digital art and media. Originally from Kenya, now based in Cape Town, South Africa, Jepchumba travels the world to share her views on African art and technology. more