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Kenya: One of East Africa’s First Female Mountain Guides On ‘Making It’ and Starting a Business to Boot

Kenya. As one of the few women guides operating in East Africa, Zoe Wanjiru has been guiding tourists up some of the region's most treacherous peaks, including Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya for seven years. In August 2010, she launched travel company Bush and Events Africa, which she co-owns. Peter Musa from Akilah Net spoke to her about discrimination, flirtatious guests, and professional as well as personal triumphs. more

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The Ultimate Calender

All Africa. APO, the African Press Organization, released a calendar of non-working days in Africa. A great tool for all professionals with pan-African responsibility in scheduling their activities.  There were over 57 days of holidays in Africa during July 2014 mainly due to public … more

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The Big Wedding Business

Nigeria. In Nigeria - like in many other African countries - weddings are extravagant, expensive celebrations. This tradition is offering good business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Read what you need for a Nigerian wedding - from 12-tier-cakes to luxury toilets. more

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Angel Investing

Nigeria. VC4Africa presents: Investor Summit at DEMO Africa 2014. The event will be the first time angel networks from several African countries come together to set the road map for the future. more

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The Story Of Chance And Patience

Rwanda. Two orphanages and their adventurous way to their own business. The story of Chance Tubane and her brother Patience Nduwawe is a story of hope, chance – and business. Orphaned and separated at a young age, victims of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, the siblings were reunited ten years after and unitedly they are running their own company. Tohoza is Rwanda's top online advertisement platform. more

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By Solveig Rathenow

Jumia And Their Special Service

Kenya. How does online-shopping work in a country without mail delivery, lack of street names and costumers without email addresses? Jumia started in 2012 in Nigeria, and soon expanded to other African countries like Ivory Coast, Marokko, Egypt, Uganda and Kenya – it is a big success story. TheNewAfrica reporter Solveig Rathenow has checked out, how Jumia works in Nairobi. more

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By Yohannes Fissehaye

Yohannes, The Future Serial Entrepreneur

Ethiopia. My Name is Yohannes Fissehaye. Call me Johnny. I am 25 years old. After I completed my training with the organization Alchemy World in 2010, today I am running a small business centre with computer service and photocopy located in the Mekele University main campus as well as a second business, a graphics and printing business, providing services for promotion. more