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Africa’s Most Exciting Architects

All Africa. Africa is a land under construction. Last year, over $220 billion was spent on all kinds of building projects in the continent. While foreign architects have clamored to make their mark in the region, a range of local talent has also stepped forward to shape their landscape (and in some cases, export their aesthetic abroad). more

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David Adjaye’s Iconic Buildings

Gwangju, Kampala, Washington. Forging a new kind of global architecture, David Adjaye has been selected by the Wallstreet Journal Magazine as Architecture Innovator 2013. Adjaye, born in Tanzania of Ghanaian parents, raised in Uganda, lived in Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen before moving to London and New York. An always alert visionary, he is the leading architect of this cosmopolitan generation of Africans. more

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Chipperfield Goes Morocco

Morocco. In September the new Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Art (MMPVA) opened its doors. The museum is located in the El Badi Palace, yet only temporarily. The British architect Sir David Chipperfield has been commissioned to build a new museum. Completion scheduled for 2016. more

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Where Innovation Meets Heritage

Burkina Faso. Diébédo Francis Kéré from Burkina Faso and Germany has developed a model for sustainable and community driven architecture. Kéré's first design was a primary school in his birthplace Gando, distinguished by the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. more