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Dear Users and Friends of TheNewAfrica,

Let me express to you a very warm welcome to the platform TheNewAfrica, the Journal of Change, focusing on chances and challenges, on perspectives and priorities, on initiative and inspiration. We have launched on Oct 12, 2013, on the occasion of the TEDxAddis conference.

As a senior journalist and owner of a publication and production company, I am living and working in Berlin and Addis Ababa. With more than 20 years of experience in African issues, I am mentoring since several years young startup entrepreneurs in Africa as well as in Germany. Having this background, I am convinced that it is about time for a paradigm shift in the perception of Africa in the global public opinion. The approach of TheNewAfrica is to set a new tone, to introduce a fresh view on Africa as a continent of progress in the making rather than as an amorphous accumulation of problems that will never be solved.

The predominant image of Africa is still ruled by clichés and stereotypes, misconception and lack of information. The attention the continent and its people get in most of the international media is that as continent of extremes – extreme poverty and extreme exploitation. But there is another reality, that of a thriving generation of African changemakers who want to drive their communities, their countries, their continent forward. Young people, but also more established, who have this special future oriented mindset, trusting in their own capacities, their education and talent, their professional training and ambitions, their willpower and pride. Their enormous efforts are mostly neglected.

Here we go – TheNewAfrica, the Journal of Change, is a platform for them. TheNewAfrica is for YOU!

TheNewAfrica will celebrate all those smart professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, talents, who love to act local and to think global. We will acknowledge their demand to be taken serious in their efforts to create a better future on sustainable grounds, in security and peace, in prosperity and in social responsibility. We will feature the African changemakers in telling their personal success stories, in talking about their achievements and aims, their dreams and demands. They deserve to be put on the global agenda and to be acknowledged on a broader scale. It’s them who are the backbone of the economical and social success.

We will support their wish to build mutually benefitting, reliable alliances with companies and individuals willing to invest knowhow and money in a common future. Africa as society and as market is a matchmaking component of global well being. Only working hand in hand together the world community will have a peaceful and prosperous future.

For the African achievers TheNewAfrica is the platform to introduce themselves. For foreign companies and institutions seeking to enter the African market, TheNewAfrica wants to be the gateway to their solutions.

In order to discuss the concept of this platform, I was participating in a discussion with some young startup entrepreneurs from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Germany. We were disputing about the terms Afro-Optimism and Afro-Pessimism. In the end we all voted for the term Afro-Realism, as a better description and a more honest outlook on the achievements and the challenges they are facing for their future.

TheNewAfrica for sure is a defender of Afro-Realism, yet with a clear optimistic approach.

Because the reality is: There are doubledigit economy growth rates, democracy and good governance are on the rise, human rights are improving, in some countries faster than in others. Unfortunately there is still reason for Afro-Pessimism too: population growth and nutrition security, corruption and human rights violation are still big issues.

Let’s be changemakers. Let’s spread word around. Let’s work together. Let’s challenge each other. Let’s network and communicate.

We are very much looking forward for your comments and critics. But most of all we are looking forward to get to know your own story, the story of your new Africa. Please write to me at bw@thenewafrica.info and it will only take a few days until you will find your story published here on TheNewAfrica.


Best regards

Yours Beate*

* Please have a look at my background in clicking on About us, where the actual team of TheNewAfrica is introduced.