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By Community Author Nina Werner

The Next Level

Tanzania, Uganda. Startups, entrepreneurs, innovation… it’s all over Africa and more and more people across the globe want to be part of it. At Mara Foundation, the aim is to become the connecting point for all stakeholders in the startup ecosystem. A report from the Regional Director in Tanzania. more

Perspectives Entrepreneurship

Celebrating Youth Entrepreneurs

South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda. The Anzisha Prize is an award for African entrepreneurs aged 15-22 who have developed innovative businesses and made a positive impact on their communities. Nearly 400 candidates from 32 African countries competed for 12 places in the finals. The three winners came from Uganda and Tanzania. Find out which ideas won over the jury. more

Perspectives Agriculture

The Value Of Good African Coffee

Uganda. While Uganda is Africa's second-­biggest exporter of coffee beans, the vast majority of the country's raw beans are sent to the West for processing, packaging and marketing. Ten years ago entrepreneur Andrew Rugasira set up his company Good African Coffee to change this. more

Perspectives Ecology

Eco-Fuel Africa: Save The Forest, Do Business

Uganda. According to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, over 80 percent of Subsaharan Africans depend on wood for fuel. As a result, Africa is losing 4 million hectares of forest each year. Ugandan entrepreneur Moses Sanga launched Eco-Fuel Africa, a social business to eradicate the dependence on wood-fuel. more