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Ashish Thakkar becomes first African to chair the United Nation’s Entrepreneurship Foundation

Global, Uganda. The United Nations Foundation has announced that Ashish J. Thakkar will serve as Chair of the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council (GEC). Ashish, who started his entrepeneurial journey 15 years ago in high-school in Uganda by selling computers to his schoolmates, is the Founder of Mara Group, a diversified conglomerate with approximately $100 million in revenues, and Mara Foundation. more

Inspiration Film, Film production

The director who makes viral action films for under $200

Uganda. To be a filmmaker in Wakaliga, one of the poorer suburbs just outside of Kampala, Uganda, requires a great deal of creativity and improvisation skills. Building helicopters from scrap metal, using free condoms as fake blood dispensers, having actors double as door-to-door salesmen. Ugandan self-taught director Isaac Nabwana is showing the world that "where there is a will, there is a way". more

Perspectives Entrepreneurship

Meet 27 Year-Old Ugandan Entrepreneur who Built A $15 Million Television Company

Uganda. Meet Ali-shah Jivraj, a 27-year-old third generation Asian-Ugandan entrepreneur, who was picked by Forbes as one of the 30 most promising young entrepeneurs in Africa in 2015. He is the founder and CEO of Royal Electronics, a $15 million (annual revenues) Ugandan company that assembles and distributes electronic home appliances, and owns a super successful property development firm in Kampala. And he happens to be the first in line of Forbes 30 of Africa’s brightest and most inspiring young entrepreneurs that will be introduced to you on here. more

Perspectives Manufacturing

The Friendly Paper Bags

When the Ugandan government imposed a ban on the use of the polythene plastic bag in 2008, 16-year old Andrew Mupuya perceived a great market opportunity and started a business of environment friendly paper bags, handmade. Today he is 21, employs 16, and is baptized the paper-bag-king of Uganda. more

Inspiration Human Rights

Richard Branson’s Message to The Ugandan And Other African Governments

Ugandan MPs have passed a law making homosexuality punishable by life imprisonment. The law also means people who do not report gay people can be sent to prison. Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela supporter, philanthropist and entrepreneur (Virgin) has a special message, because "... business leaders have more freedom to make controversial comments than politicians, and it is important to stimulate debate and challenge injustices – even if it hurts your business." more

Inspiration Architecture

David Adjaye’s Iconic Buildings

Gwangju, Kampala, Washington. Forging a new kind of global architecture, David Adjaye has been selected by the Wallstreet Journal Magazine as Architecture Innovator 2013. Adjaye, born in Tanzania of Ghanaian parents, raised in Uganda, lived in Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen before moving to London and New York. An always alert visionary, he is the leading architect of this cosmopolitan generation of Africans. more

Perspectives Startup

Boda Boda – Here We Drive

Uganda. There is a beautiful success story to be reported from Uganda. Please read in an extensive article on VC4Africa about the rent-to-own a Motorbike-business Tugende and how they were successfully hitting their investment target of US$ 300.000 recently. more

Perspectives Education

eLearning Africa 2014: Call For Proposals

Uganda. eLearning Africa 2014, the largest and most comprehensive knowledge sharing event for technology-enhanced education and training on the African continent, will be held in Kampala / Uganda from May 28 - 30. The Call for Proposals is open until January 15, 2014. The organisers are searching for inspirational, innovative speakers to submit presentation ideas under the theme of Opening Frontiers to the Future. more

Perspectives Connectivity

Google Speeds Up Uganda’s Internet

Uganda. In Kampala, the 1.6 million people capital, access to the internet is limited by unreliable connections and pre-broadband speeds. With Project Link Google aims to bring faster connections to support the needs of a new crop of innovators, talents and educators. more