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Thundafund: The crowdfunding platform made for Africa

South Africa. In the egalitarian world of crowdfunding, most sites are much the same -- largely passive templates for start-ups to vie for investment. While these tools may be advantageous abroad, in Africa... not so much. What works in New York might not necessarily work in Cape Town. Knowing this, one South African company has created an ethically-conscious platform for entrepreneurs from the continent -- and it's leaving its rivals by the wayside in the process. more

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Coding their way out of crime

South Africa. A new initiative is trying to turn around South Africa’s dire reoffending rate by teaching prison inmates to code. The initiative, Brothers for All, is an offshoot of fellow non-profit Mothers for All, which supports orphans and vulnerable children. The driving force behind the project is 32-year-old Sihle Tshabalala, who knows all about the damaging effects of poverty and crime, having spent 11 years in prison himself. more

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Cheers! The Real Time Wine App

South Africa. Real Time Wine is a mobile application and social community for everyone who enjoys wine, not just those who understand it. Invented by wine lover and IT specialist Andy Hadfield from South Africa, who turned his passion into a unique business. more

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Why Space Programs In Africa?

Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa. In 2013 a growing trend on the African continent was the advance of established and new space programs. While some question the need for African space programs, policy makers and scientist in countries like Nigeria, South Africa and Ethiopia maintain that they will contribute to scientific development and the transformation to knowledge-based economies. more

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By Community Author Danielle Reid

Startupbus Africa: Danielle’s Diary. Day 1 – 5

South Africa, Zimbabwe. Please read, what Danielle Reid, Australian digital designer and startup-entrepreneur from Berlin, has experienced during the Startupbus Africa ride from Harare in Zimbabwe to Cape Town in South Africa. How the teams bonded and made lasting connections. How they have supported each other, pushed each other and inspired each other to go that little bit further throughout the journey. Her report includes short descriptions of the 8 startups built during the trip. more