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Inspiration Performance Art


Nigeria. For contemporary Nigerian artist Jelili Atiku, art and violence occupy two counterparts of human existence: one fosters understanding and growth while the other produces only stagnation. Through his multimedia practice, involving drawing, installation sculpture, photography, video, and performance art, Atiku appeals to a general humanity in the hopes of bringing about an egalitarian society. more

Inspiration Afrofuturism

Is it time for an African superhero to save the day?

Global, Nigeria / U.S.. The year is 2025, the prosperous Lagoon City has been overrun by alarming skeletal drones and corrupt politicians. Wale Williams comes home after 5 years of absence to find his estranged but brilliant inventor father has disappeared. His pursuit of a parent will lead him to a nanosuit his father built, which provides him with superhuman abilities and a destiny to protect the city he loves. This is the story of E.X.O aka Wale Williams, a new african superhero created by Nigerian born Roye Okupe and brought alive in his fast-paced, afro-futuristic graphic novel. more

Perspectives Innovation

Why Space Programs In Africa?

Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa. In 2013 a growing trend on the African continent was the advance of established and new space programs. While some question the need for African space programs, policy makers and scientist in countries like Nigeria, South Africa and Ethiopia maintain that they will contribute to scientific development and the transformation to knowledge-based economies. more