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Kenya: One of East Africa’s First Female Mountain Guides On ‘Making It’ and Starting a Business to Boot

Kenya. As one of the few women guides operating in East Africa, Zoe Wanjiru has been guiding tourists up some of the region's most treacherous peaks, including Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya for seven years. In August 2010, she launched travel company Bush and Events Africa, which she co-owns. Peter Musa from Akilah Net spoke to her about discrimination, flirtatious guests, and professional as well as personal triumphs. more

Inspiration Yoga

The Growing Yoga Scene In Kenya

Kenya. From urban centers to rural areas yoga is spreading in Kenya. Until recently yoga was only practised by a small group of expats and south Asian devotees. Now that is changing and the move has been led by The Africa Yoga Project, a non-profit organization founded by American Paige Elenson six years ago. more

Perspectives Urban Development

Global Leading Cities: Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Tunis, Cape Town, Johannesburg

Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Tunesia. Globally integrated cities are intimately linked to economic and human development. By creating an environment that spawns, attracts, and retains top talent, businesses, ideas, and capital, a global city can generate benefits that extend far beyond municipal boundaries. 5 African cities are identified by A.T. Kearney's new Emerging Cities Outlook (ECO). In the photo: View on the growing city from the Itegue Taitu, the oldest hotel of Addis Ababa. more

Perspectives Agriculture

Life On A Small Farm. Part II

Kenya. What life is really like for a family making a living from agriculture in rural Kenya: Hailey Tucker from One Acre Fund is following David and Zipporah, smallholder farmers from Kenya, for a whole growing season, from planting to harvest. Read the second report. more

Events Award

Looking For The Best Blogs

Kenya. The Kenyan Blog Awards , an initiative of the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE), seeks to reward bloggers that post on a regular basis, have great and useful content, are creative and innovative. Deadline for submissions: February 10th, Award Gala: May 3rd, 2014. more

Perspectives Startup

Expanding Kenya´s Running Brand

Kenya. Kenya is known to be the home of some of the greatest distance runners in the world. Kourage Athletics an startup based in Kenya, wants to harness this storied tradition. The apparel firm is crowdfunding on KickStarter to expand the business. more