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No To Skin-Bleaching

Ghana. When Grace Amey-Obeng returned to Ghana she discovered an alarming trend, women were increasingly using dangerous skin-bleaching formulas to attain a lighter skin color. She found this alarming and started a skin care line which emphasised the beauty of the black skin. With her venture Forever Clair Group she went on to become one of Africa’s most successful business women. more

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BarCamp Accra On Corruption

Ghana. Discuss with the young entrepreneural elite of Ghana. BarCamp Accra 2013 will focus on corruption and ethics in every sphere of Ghanaian life. Corruption has been a big theme in Ghana this year, and there was a lot of anger and disappointment. more

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African Modernism In Advertising

Ghana. Advertising by means of magic was widely used in the past by indigenous sellers and juju-men to enhance the power of the ‘seller-magician’. Fascinating history of advertising in Ghana (and advertising as art) by Atta Kwami: Kumasi Realism, 1951-2007: An African Modernism more