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Paintings show the casual violence of colonial masters

Congo. In front of a white building, with a Belgian flag flying high in the yard, a black man in a striped t-shirt and shorts is being strangled with a chain. This is a scene from one of the paintings by T. Kalema, an artist who was part of the Lubumbashi Movement, and whose work is part of the exhibition, 53 Echoes of Zaire, which opened on 27 May at the Sulger-Buel-Lovell gallery in London. more

Perspectives Design
By Solveig Rathenow

The Power Of Art

Uganda. Nduhira Sadat is a young artist and entrepreneur in Kampala, Uganda. He makes a living in designing colorful T-shirts, shoes and trousers. And shares his inspiration with children who live under the same difficult circumstances he and his seven brothers and sisters were raised. more

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Tigist Selam’s Choice of Best Ethiopian Arts & Culture Stories

Ethiopia. Tigist Selam writes for Tadias, and is the officially selected face of Ethiopia's leading lifestyle magazine. She is an actress, activist, filmmaker, and producer, born to an Ethiopian mother and a German father. Here is her personal choice of her 10 best arts & culture stories from Ethiopia in 2013. In the picture: Munit and Jörg, fine world musicians. more

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African Modernism In Advertising

Ghana. Advertising by means of magic was widely used in the past by indigenous sellers and juju-men to enhance the power of the ‘seller-magician’. Fascinating history of advertising in Ghana (and advertising as art) by Atta Kwami: Kumasi Realism, 1951-2007: An African Modernism more