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Nichelle Gainer is a passionate journalist, blogger, social media expert and writer from New York. The marvelous pictures we show here are from her forthcoming book Vintage Black Glamour.

Vintage Black Glamour is coming out in Spring 2014, published by Essential Works/Rocket 88 books. It is a visual tribute to some of the glamorous, accomplished and often groundbreaking black women – legendary and obscure – of the 20th century.

Nichelle says:

“There have been many books about style and glamour featuring movie stars, socialites, fashion models – and it is rare that you find a balanced representation, if any, of black women in that mix.”

Having started as an assistant editor of GQ Magazine in the Nineties, being a reporter at US weekly and at In Style, she founded her own company Anovelista Media, producing lifestyle blogs for women including Vintage Black Glamour, 55 Secret Street (fashion, beauty and lifestyle) and Revenge of the Curves (health and fitness).

As a Social Media Strategist she consults with beauty, entertainment and non-profit clients on relevant social media strategy and advises clients on selecting and utilizing effective communication tools to grow their digital brand.

Please have a look at her amazing collection of Vintage Black Glamour photographs (not only of women …) on her blog. Our selection of photographs is only a small appetizer. bw

More about Nichelle you find here. Vintage Black Glamour is of course on Facebook and on Twitter.