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Cheers! The Real Time Wine App

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Real Time Wine is a mobile application and social community for everyone who enjoys wine, not just those who understand it.

South Africa.  Wine from South Africa is famous for its quality and well-liked everywhere in the world. You don’t have to be a specialist to enjoy, but you might have the problem that Andy Hadfield faced, a pretty active wine drinker (that’s how he describes himself) and IT specialist and entrepreneur from South Africa:

“You drink an awesome wine at a restaurant or at a friend’s house or at a dinner party and you wake up the next day asking, that was an awesome wine, what the hell was it called?”

as he told HumanIPO about his motivation to invent Real Time Wine in 2011 and launch the mobile application in summer of 2012.

Real Time Wine is a mobile application and social community for everyone who enjoys wine, not just those who understand it. Real Time, because the app motivates you to capture, rate, review and share those amazing moments you have with a wine glass in your hand in maximum 140 characters.

The mission is simple: help the person-in-the-street discover the best wine for the right occasion, enjoy and share the moments they have with great wine. Hadfield says:

“Traditional wine media in this country is very much aimed at the top 20 percent of the market, what I call the wine snobs … which means no one is talking to the bottom 80 percent. We’re talking to that bottom 80 percent.”

The language of Real Time Wine is simply entertaining and expressing the fun that wine can add to your life. And there are some nice rewards for the community as well as for the retailers, that are one of the reasons for the big success of the app from scratch.

As a special thank you to the users Real Time Wine has just published

The Top 100 All Time Best Wines on Real Time Wine 



You can download the Real Time Wine app for free here. Get more information on their Blog and on Facebook. You can also follow them on Twitter @realtimewineTo learn more about Andy Hadfield – whose sets clear preferences: Family. Cricket. Wine. South Africa. Startups. Tech. In that order – and his other projects and passions, please go to his personal website have a look at his Instagram page and follow him on Twitter @andyhadfield