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Fusing Craft And Design For Progressive Ideas

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Delft, a collection of ten artworks and a single artist proof – the sleek, 1975 white Pipeline Gun as shaped by Spider Murphy in its original, unadorned form and ten new spectacular designs for this particular surfboard.

South Africa.  Delft is initiated by Dutchmann, a creative agency in Johannesburg who aims to connect master craftsmen with contemporary designers and artists creating collaborations that fuse craft-based practices with progressive ideas.

In an idiosyncratic twist, sparked in part by the pristine white form of the board itself and in part by a sly reference to Dutchmann‘s name, the artists were asked to work within the theme of Delftware, limiting their palettes to the cobalt hues which gave this 16th Century Dutch style of pottery its distinctive appearance.

This project was inspired by an encounter with an object, and its maker. Dutchmann‘s founder, Gavin Rooke, met master craftsman, Spider Murphy in his shaping bay in Durban in February 2012. A spritely 65 years old, who continues to shape new boards every day, Spider introduced Gavin to the 1975 Pipeline Gun – a 7’10” monolith of craftsmanship and the surfboard that led Shaun Tomson to win the 1975 Hawaii Masters and reshaped the future of surfing across the globe.

The story of its making, and the skill, dedication and imagination invested in that making, spurred an idea to showcase Spider’s work by collaborating with a select group of artists and designers to create a new series of objects.

The Delft boards are available to purchase as unique works and limited editions. There is a beautiful catalogue telling the whole story of Spider Murphy and the collaboration with the designers and artists.


Please find more information on Spider Murphy on his company’s website and on their Facebook page. Please have a look at the website of Dutchmann, with great interviews and information on Delft and on their other current and upcoming projects. Get updates on Facebook and follow Dutchmann on Twitter.