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Nigerian Startup Wants To Outsmart Traffic Chaos

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    TheNewAfrica uses crowd-sourcing to lead users through traffic jams in Lagos. The founder of the application, Sadiq Okocha, has ambitious plans to make it the go to service for traffic navigation in mega cities throughout Africa and globally.

Nigeria. wants to help its users to avoid being stuck in traffic by giving them traffic alerts provided by other commuters.

The crowd-sourced application lets you follow other users the same way you can follow someone on Twitter. Sadiq Okocha the founder of and an University of Texas alumni told TechMoran he was inspired by twitter accounts @Gidi_Traffic and @TrafficButter, both giving updates on Lagos traffic alerts. While these accounts are a useful resource for commuters they are not perfect as Okocha elaborated to TechMoran:

“The problem with these services is that there is a lot of noise and you must literally sift through hundreds of tweets before finding information that’s relevant to you. So, we decided to make a dedicated network for Lagos commuters. You won’t be interrupted with information like what your cousin had for breakfast.”

The application also lets users make requests for traffic updates in a particular area and other users can then reply if they have information on traffic in that area.

With expansion plans to other African cities, the ambitious startup entrepreneur aims to become the Waze of Africa, a US based start-up recently acquired by Google for close to the sum of one billion USD. jt

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