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The Hip and Rich Young Nigerians In London

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The next generation of young, rich, stylish and busy Nigerians has hit London – and in a big way, jostling the Arabs and the Russians out of the picture when it comes to their extravagant protagonists’ lifestyles.  

Nigeria, UK.  Take for example Georgina “Eku” Edewor, a graduate from the New York Film Academy, actress, model, and anchor of 53 Extra, a popular TV-lifestyle show based in Lagos, and her sister Kessiana “Kessie”, model, stylist and sales manager of the luxury brand Lazul. The twins are the granddaughters of late Chief James Edewor, a Nigerian philanthropist and business mogul. They also happen to be gorgeous and intelligent.

Take for example, Richard Vedelago, CEO of the Global Windsor Group. The 29 year-old businessman has more wealth than he is prepared to discuss. The roots of which were sown in oil, gas, telecommunication and property.

Tatler’s David Jenkins also talks about Shoreline Energy International boss Kola Karim, marketing consultant Adora Mba, Florence ‘Cuppy’  Otedola, billionaire Femi Otedola’s daughter, singer, DJ, business student, journalist Lagun Akinloye of Think Africa Press, the budding oil and property mogul Rotimi Alakija, entrepreneur Anthony Adebo.

The all are part of the crop of young posh Afropolitans who happily wed to the countries of their roots, moving back and forth between the U.S., Europe and Africa with a distinctive ease. Their lifestyle habits are having a major impact on the British economy Nigerians are UK’s sixth highest foreign spenders. They invest more than 250 million pounds in British property every year. According to Tatler

They’re buying up swathes of north-west London, Belgravia, St. John’s Wood and Chelsea.

The average Nigerian racks up 628 pounds in each shop, four times what the average British shopper spends. In fact, the Nigerian jet setters are such high spenders that Harrods is now on search of a Yoruba-speaking staff.

Nigerians spend some 300 million pounds annually on British schools and universities like King’s School Canterbury, Wycombe Abbey, Cheltenham Ladies College, Eton, and Harrow and Bradfield amongst others.

Says Ateh Jewel, Nigerian journalist, blogger and entrepreneur, who has both, a film production company and a beauty business:

Nigerians all say they work hard and party hard, believe that they’re better at anything than anyone else… (They) collect PhDs like confetti and are intensely entrepreneurial. When mankind finally gets to Mars, they’ll find a Nigerian already there, cutting a deal.

Known for her innate sense of style, Eku Edewor is quoted by Vogue Black about Nigerian fashion sensibilities.

We Nigerian women love to express ourselves … we are incredibly flashy and showy, that is just who we are. … Nigerians have swag and even if we aren’t the fashion capital of the world, we most certainly believe we are! … We are proud people, we can dress or overdress past you, it may not always be right but we are all dressing up.


Browse Tatler’s website. And find the whole Tatler article including pictures on Fab-magazine. Richard Vedelago is on LinkedIn. You can follow Ateh Jewel and Kessie Edewor on Twitter. Eku Edewor is on Facebook and Twitter. Please also have a look at photographer Amelia Troubridge’s website.