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You think everything has been invented already? Not yet! Some great ideas are still missing. Michelle Ataganga, writer and Managing Editor of Ventureburn, the Startup-News for emerging markets, has some ideas about which innovations would make life in Africa better. So, entrepreneurs, here is the challenge!

.  Five inspirations for African Apps, which has not been invented so far.

Free medical advice app

Google really can be the enemy when you are feeling a little under the weather and are convinced you’re dying. So why doesn’t some entrepreneur out there build an app that can also work via USSD that allows people to input their symptoms and doctors respond with accurate medical advice?

Frictionless enterprise solutions

Most startups need enterprise solutions that cost a lot of money. Sure there are some free ones out there, but the bigger a business grows, the higher the likelihood of having to pay and the more difficult moving platforms becomes. Frictionless enterprise solutions that allow startups the flexibility to do business their way would therefore be pretty helpful.

Smart garden starter kits

Many people would really love to grow their own food, but just don’t know how to start. Why not come up with a starter kit, which will help them begin? Urban farming is really taking off and this kit could provide those interested with the basics to start their own urban farm or garden.

Water testers: fresh water buoy

In Africa there is a lot of pollution and fresh water streams are often contaminated. So this is a spin on an old idea, fresh water buoys. A buoy is a floating device that can have many purposes and is often used at sea for readings. So why not build one to test the water’s level of contamination, find out if it is safe for human consumption and so forth before people die from Typhoid fever.

Food sharing app

When I was growing up, I was constantly told about starving children somewhere that could benefit from my leftovers. My clever retort was always “fine, send it to them”. Why can’t we do that? An app that allows you to send your leftovers to people in need. You package the leftovers you want to send and the app tells you the closest drop-off place or picks it up and it is delivered the same day to someone who needs it (on reflection, this might work better for stores dealing with food than individuals).

Universal recycling app for major African cities

There aren’t a lot of recycling apps for Africa or sites that actually tell you where to recycle things. Why not build an app that uses your location to give you recycling plants as well as basic tips on recycling and what can be recycled? There are apps that do this but not in Africa. So entrepreneurs, get on the case.

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