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Introducing Mehdi Sefrioui

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Mehdi Sefrioui, born in Tangier, Morocco, is a fashion and art photographer currently living in Paris, where he studied marketing and communication. He also lived and worked in New York and Shanghai, and used his travels to mature his art. Self-made, curious and passionate, Mehdi Sefrioui developed his very own style.

France, Morroco.  While in street photography Sefrioui aims to capture the ephemeral moments of life witnessed, through fashion he sees it as an apt vehicle for the imagination, a medium to express the human quest for true emotion beyond pure aesthetics and beauty.

Sefrioui started in 2010 through street photography. His leitmotif is from Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American poet and thinker:

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Being inspired by the black cast of Paris based fashion house Moncler’s black cast at the Gamme Rouge SS 2014 show and Another Africa’s Tumblr, Mehdi Sefrioui spawned Infro, a series of photographs pointing to the pink elephant in the fashion room, which debuted on

Here is an excerpt of Another Africa’s fashion and photography writer Kyle Tregurtha article on the production and the photographer’s intention behind it:

Under Sefrioui’s guidance an irenic squad of black male models converge on the outskirts of Paris. … Brooding eyes against pink woods a heady dream of  black skin in fashion, of blacks on the runway. Which, along with his use of composition lure the observer into a longer gaze. A much needed poetic reprieve from the bitch that is reality. Burdened by historical and detached forces, being black isn’t a fashion statement but a lived experience that, in 2014 can still lead to death by racism.

Get the complete amazing Infro photo series on his website. 

Infro features Maël Caloc (The Face), Josué Comoe (Banana Models), Joseph Gio Degbadjo (Major Management), Julio Goba (City Models) and Gauderic Vilmaure (City Models) photographed by Mehdi Sefrioui. Styling by Laetitia Kandolo. Make up and hair by Juan Romero.

Please also have a look at Mehdi Sefrioui’s video SAND,  a short fable whose sole intention is to ask questions about our time. Told through known and powerful concepts, it sums up our recent history and options for a better future. It was filmed in Tangier, Morocco.

Sand is where it all started and where it’ll end.


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