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The eLearning Africa Through your Lens Photo Competition is open for submission. Budding photographers are invited to submit snapshots depicting how ICT is enhancing the way individuals and communities in Africa live, learn, cooperate and connect. Please feel encouraged to send your own pictures and share this story with your friends!

Deadline: April 14th.

All Africa.  eLearning Africa wants you to show how communication tools and information technologies can build bridges and foster relationships between people!

Whether in health or agriculture, work or everyday life, the photographs submitted so far demonstrate how ICTs have become a very important part of the way people interact with their world. They show Africans using new communicative technologies not only to receive information and learn, but also to share knowledge with others. Nigerian Uche Uwadinachi’s submisseion is a fine example:

The morning’s catch of fish has been heaped up to roast on a griddle over an open fire.  Smoke rises, filling the hut. Daniel, a member of the Ago-Egun fishing community in Ajeromi Ifelodun, Lagos, gets out his phone and starts making calls: he needs to tell his many customers that the fish are nearly done.


And here’s the story of another photo by Uche Uwadinachi, Nigeria, winner of last year’s Public Vote winner:

The photo portrays an intelligent young girl in a street shop in a ghetto community in Lagos, Nigeria. With Internet service on an iPad, she assists her mother by accessing available products online, thus helping improve her mother’s small-scale business. this depicts the essence of technology’s capacity to promote the growth of commerce and the empowerment of children in the community. It also demonstrates that age cannot be a barrier to learning and development in a modern digital era. Whatever the nature of economic hindrances, technology is a sure key to effective trade and societal development.

To vote for your favourite or enter a photograph of your own, visit the competition’s Facebook page.

The winners of the competition will receive:

  • 1st prize: a tablet computer
  • 2nd prize: a digital camera
  • 3rd prize: an MP3 player
  • Public vote winner: a digital camera


Get more information about the competition here and on the Facebook page.  Please visit the website of eLearning Africa, to learn more about the next conference end of May in Kampala / Uganda. You can also follow them @eLaconference on Twitter.