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Google Speeds Up Uganda’s Internet

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Uganda’s capital Kampala has an estimated population of 1.6 million. Access to the internet is often limited by unreliable connections and “pre-broadband speeds”. With an initiative dubbed Project Link the tech giant aims to bring faster connections to the city.

Project Link aims to achieve its goals by building a new infrastructure and connections to long-distance fiber lines. On completion, local ISPs – internet service providers – and mobile operators can connect to the network and thus provide faster connections to their users.

In a company blog post Google Access Field Director Kai Wulff outlined the broader aims of the project:

Project Link goes beyond basic access; it enables local providers to offer new mobile data plans or high-speed Internet for office buildings and universities, and support newer technologies as they come to market.

For Kampala, Google hopes the Project Link serves as a foundation to support the needs of a new crop of entrepreneurs and innovators: the media-rich projects of a successful musician, fast connections for local hospitals, or new digital learning tools for student.