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The Global Guide of Contemporary African Art

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Urgently awaited each month by artists, curators, gallerists, journalists and art-lovers: The Global Art Guide superbly compiled and discussed by the editors of Another Africa recommends exhibitions of contemporary Africana who explore current themes including prejudice, civil rights and liberties, colonialism and the post-colonial state.

Discover the discourse within the realm , the topics and intellectual spaces being interrogated by artists and curators actively widening the intellectual field and encouraging dialogue.

Highlights include the retrospective of Ernest Mancoba in Cape Town, the seminal artist’s works have not been shown in South Africa for more than twenty years.

Another Africa has picked exhibitions around the globe from for instance Bregenz/Austria to Cape Town/South Africa, from Dakar/Senegal to Berlin/Germany, from New York to Seattle/USA.

Please read the comprehensive and subjective articles written by editors and contributors of Another Africa about each of the exhibitions, the artists and the topics, that make each of them a special art experience.


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