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Why Christian Left Europe For Africa

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Christian Ngan, 30, originally from Cameroon, lived for ten years in France. He studied there and got a well-payed job.  But then he decided that it was time to make his own business – in Cameroon.

Cameroon.  It was in 2002, when Christian Ngan left his home country Cameroon for a life in Europe. The young men started studying in France. After completing his studies, he got jobs at French firms in private equity and investment banking. He became one of these successful young Africans, who can make it everywhere in the world, because they are good in what they are doing.

But in 2012, Christian made a decision: He wanted to become an entrepreneur in his own country. He had saved some 3.000 US$ and had an idea and a business plan. Finally he returned to his home country for good and started the cosmetic company Madlyn Cazalis.

Christian about his decision:

“It seems a bit weird to say, but I felt like I woke one morning and my vision changed. On one side, Europe was facing a financial crisis and I did not have a social life. On the other side, Africa was booming and my dreams seemed more feasible over there.”

Raised by a mother who worked as a pharmacist, Christian was always familiar with a wide range of cosmetic products and their impact. By visiting Cameroon in 2010, he realised how many women were using dangerous skin bleaching products.

“The women were buying very dangerous substances. They were taken advantage of by people who were ready to do anything to make money. I am not against making money, but I am for doing it in an ethical and responsible way. Furthermore, African women really invest a lot in their beauty and care because they value their appearance but there are not many products done and commercialised by Africans.”

His company is focussing on bio products, natural lotions and body creams for dark, light and mixed skins. One of his specialties is home delivery. With its own values, the company also fights against skin bleaching.

Christian, who has been featured at the Forbes List of 30 most promising young entrepreneurs in Africa in 2014, has a personal goal:

“We wanted to create a brand that will make a lot of Africans proud within the next few years.”

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