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Celebrating Ethiopian Fine Art

For three days the Itegue Taitu Hotel, the oldest Hotel in Ethiopia, is in the center of attention within the art scenes of Addis Ababa. From December 13 to 15, 2013, the beautiful and vibrant villa in the old city district of Piassa, is the home of the biggest art sale ever in Ethiopia.

.  More than 500 pieces of art by over 100 artists will be staged at the premises of the hotel, exhibited in the various halls, rooms and floors of this extraordinary historic location.
The sales exhibition is organized by Zelalem Gizaw, Curator of the Taitu International Art Center (TIAC), an institution founded in 1999 by entrepreneur Fitsum Asgodom, owner of the Itegue Taitu Hotel and publisher of the newspaper The Daily Monitor.
In collaboration with the Ethiopian Visual Arts Association TIAC aims to promote fine art among the public.
As part of this move the center is also intending to have varied activities accompanying this initiative. Zelalem Gizaw explains:

“We know that there are many renowned art lovers in this nation. The objective of this session is part of our long run move to make the entire hotel an ideal choice for
art lovers, thus promote the culture of appreciating and giving due
value to art.”

Celebrating contemporary art in this historic place in the heart of Addis Ababa is a tradition that TIAC promotes since 14 years. For instance, the Itegue Taitu Hotel was recently hosting the opening of  the international Addis Foto Fest, curated by Aida Muluneh.
The Itegue Taitu Hotel has a long tradition as a home for the arts and the artists: British writer Evelyn Waugh has written his bestseller The Scoop here in 1937, and Ethiopian Pop-Icon Teddy Afro had established a studio on the first, while director Tamrat Mekonnen was cutting the famous video Tikur Saw. Just to name two very different artists.

Please read more about the intellectual background of the Itegue Taitu Hotel in an article by TheNewAfrica editor-in-chief Beate Wedekind. Please visit the website of the hotel here.