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Banksy in Mali?!

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Some suggest he is a mysterious artist; others say it is a group that performs street-art. One thing’s for sure, though, Banksy’s creativity and designs are un-mistakable, as are the unlikely places he/it chooses and the way he/ it challenges everything and everyone. For instance, in Mali someone noticed some graffiti art that seems to match a style we are already familiar with.

Mali.  The poetry and irony content in these drawings is clear. It’s obvious they aren’t just any graffiti drawn randomly there, as if by accident, but that they have a meaning. Take, for instance, the one with the zebra with its black stripes drying out in the sun, in a region where the lack of water is evident… Or the one with a child taking a bath inside a tin to where water flows from a hole in the wall.

Not merely street-art, it is also world-art, as Benjamin Júnior writes in his article on Obvious, a magazine her founded in Portugal.


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