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Buy Art Made In Africa. The Dynamic Art Map

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Interested in navigating and getting to know South Africa’s visual arts scene? Discover the Art Map South Africa, a dynamic matrix of talent working around the country and get introduced to some of the more innovative artists working in the country today. And please: Support the artists in buying their work!

South Africa.  The artists represented are numerous: painters, photographers and sculptors. From Garth Erasmus and Jeanette Unite to Dathini Mzayiya and Ayesha Price, the artists featured on Art Map South Africa come from a variety of different artistic schools and philosophies. But what is Art Map South Africa exactly – and even more importantly, what is the aim of the project?

Developed by VANSA (Visual Art Network South Africa), Art Map South Africa was designed to provide artists, researchers, writers and curators from around the world with an entry into the infrastructure of contemporary arts in the country. The network provides a means of social connection, creative collaboration and research for those abroad and within South Africa.

The website gives an overview of a wide cross-section of key organisations and institutions with information about people working in the field as writers, curators and researchers. You will find information about museums, galleries, alternative art spaces, magazines, events, development organisations and tertiary institutions.”


Art Map South Africa: see their website.