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Good Advice: 6 New Tools for Teachers, Recommended By Bill Gates

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Technology has changed a lot about the way we live and work, but one area stands out as an exception: education. Worldwide, many teachers still have to use the same tools—blackboards, textbooks, overhead projectors—that their own teachers used decades ago. That’s beginning to change. New apps, games, and websites are helping teachers work with their students in new ways and making it easier for them to connect with their colleagues. Bill Gates shares a few of the ideas that seem especially promising to him.

Global. “I recently had the chance to spend time with some of the new technology products being designed for teachers. Some of them are focused on teacher training, others on supporting their classroom work or helping administrators give them feedback. Although it’s too early to say which ones are going to break through and reach scale, I thought I would share a few of the ideas that seem especially promising to me.

Of course, I’m not a teacher. What’s really exciting is the way educators are responding to these tools. You can click on the links below to see teachers’ reviews of most of these products on Graphite. And if you’re a teacher who has used one of these, you can add your own comments there as well.”

Here are some of the new tools recommended:


hosts lesson plans for English and math from 170 master teachers. You can search for plans by grade and subject.


helps teachers create reading assignments that push their students’ critical thinking skills.


is an e-reader app with a library of 80,000 texts. Students can track their reading progress and earn badges as they go.

Fine Tune

is designed to help teachers practice evaluating their students’ writing assignments.


is used already by many teachers to communicate with students and make assignments. Edmodo recently expanded by launching a new library of Common Core–related content.


is an interesting example of the intersection between teacher feedback and professional development.

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