A Comprehensive Yearbook

Coming soon. The first Yearbook of TheNewAfrica will be published in December 2015.

We want to give you an overview what to expect from the new Africa in 2016. Great storytelling. Great writers. Great photographers. Beautifully designed. Including a 150 page special of TheNewEthiopia.

We will report on role models and newcomers, on frontrunners and key players of the new Africa. It’s about their achievements and lessons learnt, their dreams and demands, their aims and expectations. And of course the partners, who understood that cooperation is the essence of success, will play an essential role as well. There will be three versions:

Version 1

TheNewAfrica 2015, the printed edition. A book-mag, the mag-book, as you wish to call our 364+1 page turner. Printed on the best ecological paper. With a special cover and some more extras. Please expect this version to become a collector’s item. There will be only 10.000 printed copies, out of which 5.000 will be numbered and signed by one of our VCA, our Very Competent Advisors.

Version 2

TheNewAfrica 2015, the online publication. Same content, same volume, same look and feel like the printed version. Published in the famous format of

Version 3

TheNewAfrica 2015, the E-book. For your convenience as an urban or global light weight traveler. Same content, yet in the straight look and feel of a text only book.

Some details and topics

  • 364+1 pages of great storytelling
  • International distribution
  • Special copy price for early subscribers
  • Publication in December 2015
  • 150 pages Special on TheNewEthiopia
  • An interesting outlook on the facts and figures of Africa in 2016
  • Experts’ opinion on what to expect during the first year of the UN SDGs, the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • TheNewAfrica 100, the list of the most inspiring personalities of the year.

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