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11 Places Where They Stash Their Cash!

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As ONE launched a new campaign to stop the Trillion Dollar Scandal that deprives people in developing countries of more than $1 billion each year, ONE’s Andrew Marshall was digging into the web of secrecy that makes it all possible. Ever wondered where the profits from dodgy deals and crime end up? Here are eleven places that have been used to hide ill-gotten gains.

All Africa.  Some were easy to find, but as you might expect others were tougher and took investigators years to track down.

Get background stories, names, more information on the places, people and  on the mechanisms of hiding money here.

1. 40 Wall St, New York

2. Jersey

3. A yacht

4. Cars

5. Art

6. Suitcases

7. A tea room

8. Liechtenstein

9. London

10. A think tank

11. Jewellery


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