'Fly Girl' by Pola Maneli. Photo: courtesy of Pola Maneli
Inspiration Illustration
By Jennifer Sefa-Boakye

South African Illustrator Pola Maneli’s Reflections On Blackness

South Africa. Pola Maneli is a South African freelance illustrator and art director who centers his work around blackness and the multi-dimensional experiences of people of color. Blending bold colors and contemporary iconography with floral and faunal motifs, Maneli uses his art to speak out against the notion of a monolithic black culture. more

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Inspiration Performance Art

The Displaced: a Performance Installation by Ghanaian artist Serge Attukwei Clottey

Ghana. Stories of migration are rooted deep in our traditional and political histories. In as much as there are documentations of colonial migrations, there are many untold stories of internal ethnic migrations. Contemporary Ghanaian Artist Serge Attukwei Clottey tells the story of his family through a performance installation titled “The Displaced”. more

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Perspectives Business

7 things you didn’t know about South Africa’s only black billionaire

South Africa. Patrice Motsepe is a man who quite literally struck gold. In 1997, when the gold market was close to its lowest in the last three decades, he started buying gold mines at favorable prices and later founded the first South African black-owned mining company, African Rainbow Minerals. Today, he is one of seven South Africans in the list, and the only black man. more

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Perspectives Business

Kenya: One of East Africa’s First Female Mountain Guides On ‘Making It’ and Starting a Business to Boot

Kenya. As one of the few women guides operating in East Africa, Zoe Wanjiru has been guiding tourists up some of the region's most treacherous peaks, including Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya for seven years. In August 2010, she launched travel company Bush and Events Africa, which she co-owns. Peter Musa from Akilah Net spoke to her about discrimination, flirtatious guests, and professional as well as personal triumphs. more

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12 Successful African Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice

All Africa, Kenya. On July 25-26, Nairobi will be abuzz with entrepreneurship. In case you missed the memo, heads of states (including U.S. president Barack Obama), entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders will converge on Kenya’s capital for the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Didn’t get a ticket? Don’t worry. You can still get top-notch entrepreneurial advice, and you don’t even have to stalk the summit Twitter feed. Check out six of the 12 entrepreneurs that were chosen by Akilah Net to share their wisdom on living the dream. more

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Perspectives Entrepreneurship

The startup that’s harder to get into than Harvard

Nigeria, USA. Johnson Ejezie was initially daunted by the prospect of moving to Lagos from his home town in Nigeria's south-east, due to the polio he contracted at a young age and related health problems. But what pulled the 26-year-old to Nigeria's bustling metropolis was stronger than his fears -- an invitation to take part in a bootcamp for Andela, a startup which pays young Nigerians to train as programmers and work for international companies. more

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Perspectives Crowdfunding

Thundafund: The crowdfunding platform made for Africa

South Africa. In the egalitarian world of crowdfunding, most sites are much the same -- largely passive templates for start-ups to vie for investment. While these tools may be advantageous abroad, in Africa... not so much. What works in New York might not necessarily work in Cape Town. Knowing this, one South African company has created an ethically-conscious platform for entrepreneurs from the continent -- and it's leaving its rivals by the wayside in the process. more

Source: CNN

Inspiration Street Art

Coloring Kigali: Bringing Street Art to Rwanda

Rwanda. From those who make and access art to the basic definition of art, street art is changing the face of the African continent. A subset of public art, street art takes many forms including, but not limited to, graffiti, mural, wheat-paste, stick, and projection art. more

Source: AADAT Art

Inspiration Art

Paintings show the casual violence of colonial masters

Congo. In front of a white building, with a Belgian flag flying high in the yard, a black man in a striped t-shirt and shorts is being strangled with a chain. This is a scene from one of the paintings by T. Kalema, an artist who was part of the Lubumbashi Movement, and whose work is part of the exhibition, 53 Echoes of Zaire, which opened on 27 May at the Sulger-Buel-Lovell gallery in London. more

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Perspectives Education

Coding their way out of crime

South Africa. A new initiative is trying to turn around South Africa’s dire reoffending rate by teaching prison inmates to code. The initiative, Brothers for All, is an offshoot of fellow non-profit Mothers for All, which supports orphans and vulnerable children. The driving force behind the project is 32-year-old Sihle Tshabalala, who knows all about the damaging effects of poverty and crime, having spent 11 years in prison himself. more

Perspectives Entrepreneurship

Ashish Thakkar becomes first African to chair the United Nation’s Entrepreneurship Foundation

Global, Uganda. The United Nations Foundation has announced that Ashish J. Thakkar will serve as Chair of the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council (GEC). Ashish, who started his entrepeneurial journey 15 years ago in high-school in Uganda by selling computers to his schoolmates, is the Founder of Mara Group, a diversified conglomerate with approximately $100 million in revenues, and Mara Foundation. more

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Inspiration African literature

Ngugi wa Thiong’o says “let our planes fly”

Kenya. Kenyan literary giant, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, was arrested by the Kenyatta Government for being too critical in 1977 and in 1982. Under Kenyatta’s successor, Daniel Arap Moi, he was allowed to go into exile with the veiled threat that upon his return he would be met by a ‘red carpet.’ He was away for 22 years. Now Uhuru Kenyatta, son of Kenya's first President, invited him back, rolling out the red carpet in his honor. more

Source: Africa is A Country

Inspiration Insider's cultural guide

An insider’s guide to Addis Ababa: Car crashes, coffee and contemporary art

Ethiopia. From the Ethiopian Jay Leno to a serious coffee culture, artist sanctuaries and a history of motor accidents, the streets of Addis Ababa host a collision of culture. Ethiopian project manager and creative director, Metasebia Yoseph, who also is the founder of Design Week Addis Ababa, and author of Culture of Coffee, has put together an Insider's Guide to Addis. The New Africa gives you the highlights. more

Source: The Guardian

Perspectives Education

Ghanaian millionaire quits Microsoft to build university that Educates young Africans

Ghana. The flow of migration, when it comes to Africa, is almost always outwards. However, there is a growing trend of Africans who choose to make the return voyage after having lived in the West for years and even decades. One such person is Ghanaian Patrick Awuah who made millions at Microsoft and then founded a state-of-the-art University back home in Ghana. more

Source: Financial Juneteenth

Inspiration Performance Art


Nigeria. For contemporary Nigerian artist Jelili Atiku, art and violence occupy two counterparts of human existence: one fosters understanding and growth while the other produces only stagnation. Through his multimedia practice, involving drawing, installation sculpture, photography, video, and performance art, Atiku appeals to a general humanity in the hopes of bringing about an egalitarian society. more

Source: The African

Perspectives Job creation

CDC-backed businesses in Africa and Asia create nearly 1.3 million new jobs

All Africa, UK. CDC Group plc, the UK’s government-owned development finance institution, has announced its 2014 annual results. The organisation, which invests to support the growth of businesses and create jobs in developing countries in Africa and South Asia, made 19 new investment commitments totalling £296.5m. New analysis also showed that CDC-backed businesses contributed to the creation of nearly 1.3 million new direct and indirect jobs in 2014. more

Source: African Press Organization

Inspiration Afrofuturism

Is it time for an African superhero to save the day?

Global, Nigeria / U.S.. The year is 2025, the prosperous Lagoon City has been overrun by alarming skeletal drones and corrupt politicians. Wale Williams comes home after 5 years of absence to find his estranged but brilliant inventor father has disappeared. His pursuit of a parent will lead him to a nanosuit his father built, which provides him with superhuman abilities and a destiny to protect the city he loves. This is the story of E.X.O aka Wale Williams, a new african superhero created by Nigerian born Roye Okupe and brought alive in his fast-paced, afro-futuristic graphic novel. more

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Inspiration Film, Film production

The director who makes viral action films for under $200

Uganda. To be a filmmaker in Wakaliga, one of the poorer suburbs just outside of Kampala, Uganda, requires a great deal of creativity and improvisation skills. Building helicopters from scrap metal, using free condoms as fake blood dispensers, having actors double as door-to-door salesmen. Ugandan self-taught director Isaac Nabwana is showing the world that "where there is a will, there is a way". more

Source: CNN

Perspectives Entrepreneurship

Meet 27 Year-Old Ugandan Entrepreneur who Built A $15 Million Television Company

Uganda. Meet Ali-shah Jivraj, a 27-year-old third generation Asian-Ugandan entrepreneur, who was picked by Forbes as one of the 30 most promising young entrepeneurs in Africa in 2015. He is the founder and CEO of Royal Electronics, a $15 million (annual revenues) Ugandan company that assembles and distributes electronic home appliances, and owns a super successful property development firm in Kampala. And he happens to be the first in line of Forbes 30 of Africa’s brightest and most inspiring young entrepreneurs that will be introduced to you on here. more

Source: The Investigator